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Plan Your Escape from Cigarette Addiction with these simple 5 Steps

Cigarettes are sold loose and are easily available around any corner in India, which makes smoking a bad habit that is picked up easily by the young generation. Smoking is addictive because of the nicotine content and becomes a habit over time. One will never know when he started lighting up six instead of one cigarette daily.

Every smoker thinks of quitting smoking, knowing the damage it can cause to the body, but it is not that easy. There are few simple methods that you can use to quit smoking, but they won’t work if you don’t give your 100%.



Why is smoking injurious to health?

Cigarette smoke deposits tar in your lungs that damages and destroys lung cells over time. Tar can also cause mutation and lead to lung cancer. Smoking increases the level of carbon monoxide in the body, which is unhealthy and can harm your body. Asthma and bronchitis are some of the chronic diseases that can be triggered by smoking. So, if you are any wiser, quit when you have time.



How to Plan and Quit:

1. Try to understand the reason for your smoking

Is it that you smoke with colleagues at the office because they all smoke during the break or is it a habit of smoking when you are bored, stressed or don’t have anything to do? Think and answer, as this will help you resist smoking better.


2. Decide the date when you are going to quit smoking

Fix a date after you know of all the reasons that tempt you to smoke. Throw away your lighters and cigarettes on that day.


3. Intimate your friends and colleagues

Tell your friends and colleagues about your decision and suggest that it may be better if they didn’t smoke in front of you. It would help you more if a colleague or friend of yours is trying to quit too. You can motivate each other and help each other out.


4. Handling the effects of diminishing nicotine levels in the body

The craving for a smoke is common after quitting smokes and will be at its peak in the first 12-24 hours. The cravings will be reduced to minimal in 3-4 weeks. To handle the cravings, keep yourself busy with work or other recreational activities.

Other effects of quitting smoking are irritating mood, increased appetite, and fatigue. You can deal the appetite by chewing low-calorie food stuff. Let people know that your mood is not good to avoid any disputes. Fatigue is a common after-effect, but you will feel more fresh and energetic once the toxins will be flushed out of your body.

If you are having a difficult time controlling the nicotine craving, you can always buy nicotine patches, lozenges, and chewing gums over the counter from any medical store.


5. Avoid the relapse

People, who quit, normally start smoking again in the first three months and it is observed that they get more addicted to it than before. Resist yourself from smoking for the first few months and you will able to quit it for good.


It is easier said than done, but if you are determined to quit then these tips will surely help you. So, what are you waiting for? There is never a good day than today to start getting rid of this unhealthy habit



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