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Most Popular Questions

What kinds of treatment do you offer?

Our homeopathy specialists with clinical expertise can be consulted to provide care for common issues to complex illnesses. Our treatments include medication, diet and nutrition advice, physical activities and other holistic means. We tailor treatments as per an individual’s personality, their disease, chronicity and cause.


We treat a wide variety of problems across all ages, from skin and hair to musculoskeletal, gynaec/obstetric problems, urinary and gastrointestinal ailments.

Is treatment on-going or for a fixed duration?

The duration of homeopathic treatment depends a lot on factors including the duration of your illness, progress of the disorder, associated health problems and earlier treatments you may have taken for the same. You might see an improvement in your condition within a few weeks of starting homeopathic treatment, but you might have to continue the homeopathic medicines for some time to get completely cured.

What are the tests you do before treatment?

To make a correct diagnosis and to get to the root of your problem certain tests like Blood tests, X-ray , CT scan , MRI may be required in certain cases depending on the symptoms.

Can you treat severe autoimmune conditions?

Yes we can effectively manage and treat autoimmune conditions, using natural homeopathy medicines which are safe and free of side effects.

How do we contact your doctors?

The doctors at AIS clinics can be reached by contacting our helpline numbers, Goa: 9595564995, 8087828287. Hyderabad: 92463 73939


You can also share your details and leave us your queries by visiting here.

Alternatively mail us at contact@aisclinic.in for queries & feedback.

Are there standardised protocols?

Yes there are. Our protocols designed for patients are based on international standards, and created through a very intensive research-based experience. All our treatments are evidence-based and that have been proven fully effective.  

How do you diagnose the problem?

Our doctors undertake a thorough case history before diving into treatment of any kind. We perform a complete physical body checkup as well as all the relevant blood tests. A correct diagnosis helps us understand how the problem has progressed, its root, possible treatments that might have been taken and where it is heading.

I've taken treatment from other doctors, but no relief. Will you be able to help me?

At AIS, all our treatments are evidence-based, and that have been fully proven effective. Our specialist doctors work on individual systemic diseases, rather than several at once. Our specialists have the academic qualification, expertise and experience to deal with the specific problems effectively. We promise to deliver best-in-class health care experience to you, constantly monitoring your progress to give you complete relief and good health.

AIS clinics based in Goa and Hyderabad are one of the foremost medical practices in the treatment of various disorders. Our expertise and experience attracts people from all parts of the country. We are one of the best homeopaths in Goa and recognised holistic medical centre in Hyderabad. From respiratory diseases, to uterine problems, hair loss, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, to gastroenteritis, peptic ulcers and urinary diseases, we can manage, treat and prevent further complications using a combination of medicines, food interventions and exercises.

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