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Homeopathy cures diseases naturally. There are two primary reasons behind it. First, the concept of Homeopathy is based on harnessing the body’s capacity to rejuvenate itself rather than depend on just external sources of medicine.

Second, Homeopathy prescribes medicines extracted from nature, like plants, herbs and minerals which enhances its trustworthiness.


Homeopathy today is second only to modern medicine (allopathy) in terms of adherents, or followers, worldwide (500 million according to WHO- World Health Organization). Homeopathy isn’t actually what most people imagine it to be. It is, in fact, a revolutionary system of energy medicine.


Latest advancement and research has found that genes have a significant role in protecting human body from day to day sicknesses. The distinctive capacity to restore lies within the genes. Genetic and environmental factors are involved in development of a particular trait (disease feature).
Thus a detailed study of expression of genes will help us to design strategies to combat future illnesses, by making adaptation at the cell level by administration of correct Homeopathic medicine & by making specific environmental changes.