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Long standing depigmented patches (Vitiligo) recovered using homeopathy medicines

The Problem Abazz (name changed) 52 years old had vitiligo patches on his face and hands since 15 yrs. His brother also has similar ailment. Abazz tried different treatment therapies but unfortunately none were helpful. The patched were gradually increasing day by day.  The Result Vitiligo is an auto- immune disorder. It develops when immune system attacks and destroys the pigment producing cells –melanocytes. Every white patch that appears on the skin may not be […]

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White patches on the body cured using homeopathy medicines

The Problem Prashant (name changed) 39 years old had white patches on his body (Areas involved: face, back, hands, abdomen). He suffered since he was 20 years old. The patched first developed on his hands and gradually increased. The Result White patches are also known as Vitiligo. It is an auto- immune disorder. It develops when our immune system attacks and destroys the pigment producing cells –melanocytes. Prashant white patches started re-pigmenting from the 5th […]

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Severe allergies cured using series of well proved Homeopathy medicines

The Problem Amir (name changed) suffered from recurrent hives (raised itchy red bumps on skin) since almost 3 years. The problem used to get very severe at times. Very often he would also get swelling of lips and complaint of difficulty breathing. Several times he was rushed to hospital emergency department to manage allergic reactions. The Result Amir’s case required a very close monitoring. We had to chalk out a strategic action plan to manage […]

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Alopecia areata cured in just 5 months

The Problem Subhash approached AIS Clinic for his treatment of bald patched on the scalp, moustache and beard area which he suffered from 1 year. Despite trying several treatments the hair didn’t regrow. He even tried taking steroid injections on the bald patches. He would get new hair after use of injections but within a month or two he would lose them again. The Result In just 5 months, I was able to cure his […]

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Severe case of allergic cold and asthma treated successfully using Homeopathy within one year

Mrs Sandhya (name changed) 46 years old suffered from asthma since 1996 when she was living in Belgaum. She developed recurrent allergic symptoms like sneezing, itching in the eyes and running nose. She used to take prescribed anti allergic medicines regularly which reduced her symptoms, but the episodes of cold continued. Her symptoms of cold started increasing from the year 2000 and she would get frequent episodes of cough and difficulty in breathing. She gasped […]

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