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The Problem

Prashant (name changed) 39 years old had white patches on his body (Areas involved: face, back, hands, abdomen). He suffered since he was 20 years old. The patched first developed on his hands and gradually increased.


The Result

White patches are also known as Vitiligo. It is an auto- immune disorder. It develops when our immune system attacks and destroys the pigment producing cells –melanocytes.

Prashant white patches started re-pigmenting from the 5th month of starting the treatment. In two years he completely recovered. All the white spots re-pigmented and his skin became healthy again.


Our Strategy

1. Correct Diagnosis
Skin examination confirmed that Prashant had vitiligo. The patches were completely de-pigmented. We use Wood’s lamp to validate the diagnosis. Wood lamp is used to identify the extent of pigmented or depigmented patches.

2. Detailed Evaluation
Prashant’s paternal aunty has vitiligo. The examination revealed that Prashant had a Koebner response (Koebner phenomenon: patient develops new patches after skin trauma). He would develop new patches wherever he got injured or hurt.

After a detailed case study at AIS Clinic we selected homeopathy medicine, Staphysagria. Initially for the first 3 month there was no visible change in white patches. Third month onwards the medicine was administered in different strengths to trigger his immune response. By doing so, there was a positive result. White patches started re-pigmenting and it took almost 2 years to re-fill totally.

3.  Self Help
Depigmented skin sunburns easily and bad sunburn can worsen vitiligo. Avoid sunlight between 10 am to 4pm. If you are outdoors apply sun screen lotions generously (UVA/UVB protection or labelled as “broad-spectrum “with SPF 30 and above ). Re- apply every 2 hours even if it is cloudy. Do not get a tattoo done on the skin as it may worsen vitiligo.


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