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Mr.Abazz, a 54 year old man came to consult with Dr.Vishal after an on-call appointment. He was referred by another doctor because of a unique set of symptoms that had come up suddenly. He had gone through many kind of treatment before coming to us and was desperate for a cure.



Abazz presented to us with large, white patches all over his body, mainly his trunk, face and upper back. The case was diagnosed as vitiligo, with him undergoing many kind of treatment to no avail for last 15 years. His brother suffered from the same ailment, and the patches were increasing over months.




Initial Phase

The patient described how the patches started appearing very suddenly, without any warning. He ignored them at first, then took allopathic medicines and even Ayurvedic oil massages to no avail. He did have headaches occasionally, trouble sleeping and darkening of general body skin. On deeper questioning of any specific anxiety or stressful decisions in the past, he described that a few years before these patches he underwent a severe financial loss, went through months of anxiety and took many years to sort it. He developed insomnia because of it, had palpitations and nervousness even today.


Later Phase

White patches started appearing in the upper neck region, back as small circular skin and this then began to grow on the lower body. Initially he felt itching, there was slight local burning but that stopped. Today the patches are sharp and white with rest of the skin dark and pinkish in pigmentation.


Case History

  • A detailed patient history was collected including details about sleep, eating habits, favourite foods, sun sensitivity
  • Details on emotional health such as triggers for stress and sadness, moments experiencing joy
  • Any systemic changes after the signs were observed, especially gastro-intestinal, emotional, weight loss
  • Past medical history was also considered
  • Hereditary and family history was discussed



  • No familiar history of the skin problem
  • An event that caused considerable stress was followed a few months with white patches appearing
  • Patient wasn’t very disturbed by the stress as much as the vitiligo
  • Experiencing unusual changes, such as waking up every night with disturbed sleep and profuse sweating in the head region after the appearance of patches
  • Patches aggravated after stopping the allopathic medicine for a short time



Vitiligo is an auto-immune skin ailment characterised by large white patches on the skin and pigmentation of other areas. Based on complete case history, blood tests and psychological assessment, the treatment was begun with one dose of Thuja 10x a week followed by Arsenic thereafter. Treatment is currently underway.



With minimal intervention, the white patches have been reducing gradually in circumference and darkening up. One patch has completely disappeared from the shoulder.



“ Vitiligo has troubled me since a long time now. Have tried several things but none worked. I’ve definitely felt relief since taking Dr.Vishal’s treatment and hoping I’m relieved of this completely”.



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