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Shoulder arthritis is a degenerative condition in which the normally smooth cartilage covering the ball and socket of the shoulder joint is lost due to joint wear and tear, injury or autoimmune disease like Rheuamtoid arthritis.


In shoulder arthritis the smooth cartilage that covers the ends of the bones gets worn away causing the rough bone ends to rub against each other. This bone-on-bone contact produces pain, stiffness, difficulty sleeping and the inability to do day to day activities.


Shoulder arthritis may result commonly from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rotator Cuff Tears or may follow surgery for Recurrent Dislocations. When arthritis occurs in a younger person it is often due to injury or problems from a previous surgery or rheumatoid arthritis.


When arthritis occurs in an older person it is usually from wear and tear i.e., Osteoarthritis or from a rotator cuff problem.


Loss of shoulder motion is common in shoulder arthritis. Shoulder arthritis may affect the individual daily activities such as sleeping, housework driving as well as the individual ability to shake hands, and hug.

“Symptoms include pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, swelling and tenderness of the joint”


Individuals with chronic shoulder pain often feel fatigued because of the extra effort required to cope with the condition. Diagnosis can be done by physical examination of the patient and through imaging techniques like x-rays, MRI.


In Homeopathy a detailed case history, clinical examination and Lab investigations help in diagnosis of Shoulder arthritis. Since it is a degenerative joint disease, the pathological changes in the joint are irreversible. The main goal of treatment is the prevention of further damage, reduction of joint pain and any swelling and maintenance of joint function.



With Homeopathy medicines you will get relief from the joint pain and stiffness, the severity and frequency of the symptoms will reduce, the mobility of the joints will be improved and the progress of the disease will be slowed down. Since there is no side effects or drug dependencies the medicines can be used as an alternative to pain killers.


Along with Homeopathic medicine you need to carry out exercises in order to maintain the joint mobility and improve the range of motion of the joint. Lifting of heavy weights needs to be avoided.



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