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Mrs Sandhya (name changed) 46 years old suffered from asthma since 1996 when she was living in Belgaum. She developed recurrent allergic symptoms like sneezing, itching in the eyes and running nose. She used to take prescribed anti allergic medicines regularly which reduced her symptoms, but the episodes of cold continued.


Her symptoms of cold started increasing from the year 2000 and she would get frequent episodes of cough and difficulty in breathing. She gasped for breath when she walked or climbed stairs and expectorated lots of mucus while coughing. Sandhya was put on regular inhalers and anti-allergic medicines.


Sandhya came to AIS clinic on June 2013. After evaluating the case in detail she was prescribed Nux Vomica 200. Her anti – allergic medicines was completely stopped and she was asked to take inhaler only when breathlessness was severe. Her allergic symptoms like sneezing and itching in the eyes decreased after 30 days of treatment.


The cough got better and the expectoration became minimal. Sandhya was mentally relieved sneezing and itching of the eyes was minimal. Gradually even the severity of breathlessness decreased considerably and she did not use inhalers anymore.
Her treatment was stopped in April 2014 and since then she has not reported relapse of symptoms. Her frequent cold and asthma was completely relieved with homeopathy.



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