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The Problem

Amir (name changed) suffered from recurrent hives (raised itchy red bumps on skin) since almost 3 years. The problem used to get very severe at times. Very often he would also get swelling of lips and complaint of difficulty breathing. Several times he was rushed to hospital emergency department to manage allergic reactions.


The Result

Amir’s case required a very close monitoring. We had to chalk out a strategic action plan to manage and treat the episodes of chronic allergies and allergic reactions. It took us almost 1 year to completely control and treat Amir’s symptoms. It’s been 5 months he is not on any medicines and still remains symptom free.


 Our Strategy

1. Correct Diagnosis

Amir had already undergone an allergy test before he came to us. He completely avoided articles (potential allergens) tested positive, which developed his allergies.


2.  Detailed Evaluation

Amir developed this problem when he was studying in an engineering college, away from his home town. The initial incidences of allergies were very mild and he would manage it by himself without taking any medicines, until he had a major bout of symptoms. He consulted a doctor, after initial treatment he was then advised to take anti- histamines (drugs to reduce allergies) on a regular basis. The medicines helped him initially, but on and off he developed hives. After about 5 months of regular intake of conventional prescription medicines, he observed that the allergies appeared on bigger areas of his body and the symptoms started getting unmanageable. Over some months his condition worsened, more often he started developing swelling of lips and breathlessness. His severe episodes were managed using emergency shots of medicines.


After a detailed case study at AIS Clinic we selected series of homeopathy medicines in different strengths to overcome his set of symptoms and allergic reactions. The homeopathy medicines selected corrected the faulty immune response with an aim to give lasting results. Though, we had not stopped his conventional treatment abruptly. After careful observation and ensuring that the symptom severity was reducing day by day, his conventional medicines were tapered and finally stopped. We observed a very good progress in Amir’s case after using prescribed homeopathy medicines.


3. Allergen avoidance

We ensured that Amir avoided “identified allergy triggers”. As this was the first step to reduce allergy symptoms and prevent allergic reaction.


4. Self Help

Several studies suggest that Omega 3 fatty acids- lower chances of getting allergies. We also advised Amir what to eat so that it gave a big boost in managing his symptoms.


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