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Multiple Sclerosis

A nervous disorder, MS affects the brain and spine causing muscle weakness, visual disturbance, balance problems and memory problems. Because of the vagueness of symptoms, diagnosis is difficult. Prognosis is much better when treated holistically by AIS clinics based on symptoms

Alopecia Areata

Patchy baldness and hair loss that mainly affects scalp but can also be seen on different parts of the body is often undiagnosed. Research suggests an autoimmune origin. Affecting anyone at any age, there isn’t any specific treatment for this, but hair growth can be facilitated by topical and internal treatment as practiced by AIS clinics.

Rheumatic Arthiritis

Rheumatic Arthiritis is often preceded by fever and diagnosed when symptoms and signs are already well established. Characterised by excessive joint pain, stiffness or immobility, there is also swelling and gradual restriction in movement of extremities. Treatment and management by AIS includes tracing the history, managing symptoms and dietary changes as advised


An auto-immune disease characterised by thick, scaly, reddened patches of skin often accompanied with drying and scaling, psoriasis begins suddenly and can have a host of triggering factors. Stress, weather changes, hereditary and sometimes food are often defined as the cause. Psoriasis needs treatment and management holistically, given that there isn’t often a single cure. AIS experts trace out the disease pattern before suggesting a treatment and management.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes is insulin-dependent diabetes where the child’s pancreas does not produce sufficient amount of insulin. Because of excessive accumulation of sugar in blood, children suffer from damage to organs and show symptoms of weakness, extreme hunger, weight loss and blurred vision. AIS manages gentle treatment for diabetes in children, with treatment of cause complimented by insulin theraphy


Autoimmune is often unspecific. Research relates them to stress, emotional upheaval, aggravating external factors. Because it’s the attack on the cells by the body itself, the cause is often undiagnosed. An autoimmune response varies depending on which part of the body or organ system is being attacked. A detailed case history by our doctor, followed by tests will help us arrive at a likely diagnosis, following which treatment is symptomatic.

The prognosis of autoimmune ailments is different for different conditions and patients. Earlier the treatment begins, better is it to manage and prevent them from deteriorating further. At AIS we have seen some remarkable cures after holistic treatment, supported with dietary change and constant followups. In our experience we have been able to completely treat and alleviate autoimmune ailments, especially psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

People of any age, gender or ethnicity can be affected by such problems. Type 1 diabetes and rheumatic fever afflict younger individuals, thyroid and rheumatoid arthritis affect older people.

Every disease is a manifestation in some part or organ of the body, yet often the cause is much deeper, and maybe psycho-somatic. Although diagnosis is done by our team of experts, treatment of such autoimmune diseases is done holistically. The medicines we prescribe are gentle, prescribed on symptoms, with regular checkups on progress and treatment tailored to individuals.

After going through a detailed case history, we will discuss with you the prognosis, treatment and alleviation of symptoms and give you a realistic portrait of how treatment will progress. AIS is specialised in handling all kinds of autoimmune disorders.


Good service and timely assistance. Would recommend to everyone mainly for children.
Archana EC
I had a good experience and good result with AIS clinic.
Sandeep Ch
I came to Aarex homeopathy Dr Vipun .its trust worthy and very effective. By coming here stopped my hairloss and also cured asthma .thanks a lot for your kind concern
Avanthi Vikram
We our family satisfied and it's so excellent The Dr. Vipun every time gives right doses to our and we are thanking full to him
Zaara Sultana
I am statisfied with the doctor's treatment and had a fast recovery. I suggest every one to have treatment at AIS clinic.
Punni Gurram
Nice I can see good improvement in my hair I surely suggest to my friends
Gudimalla Sagar
Over a telephonic conversation, i mentioned about my chronic migraine to Dr Vishal, and the next thing i know is he is doing a primary survey about my lifestyle, my schedule, my sleep patterns. Its been 2 months since ive started taking those tiny magic pills and im already feeling a hell lot better. I cant thank you enough Vishal.
The most effective treatment available here.. Thanks Vishal Verenkar, u are the best.
Vin War
Dr Vishal is an excellent doctor and a lovely person too. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking Homeopathy treatment. He really takes the time to explain what is going on and puts you at ease. I am very grateful to have found such a fantastic doctor.
Pushpesh Naik
“I started feeling a niggling pain in my neck several years ago but kept ignoring it. When it became unbearable is when I decided to do something about it and came to AIS clinics. It was diagnosed with cervical spondylitis at an early stage. I’m feeling much better even since medication started.”
Ravi S.
“Allergies haven’t left me for the past 40 years. I always wake up sneezing, running nose is continuous and it’s very difficult for me to travel because of this. I went through several doctors before coming here but have noticed a remarkable change in m condition. Hopefully I’ll be able to wake up without any of this allergy soon.”
Narendra M.
“I’ve always struggled with severe uterine problems, pain, leucorrhoea for several years. Coming to AIS has helped me understand what I suffer from and more importantly made me more aware of my body.”
Siya S.
“Living with stomach pain for years has been very challenging. I’ve visited several doctors who have diagnosed differently, tried all kinds of antibiotics and medications and still not felt relief. Ever since I started medication from the doctors here I feel so much better. My sleep is good, and this pain has come down significantly. I’d like to experience more relief and know that I’m in good hands”
Nita Shetty
I was very worried about my hair fall. I used to lose more than 100 strands of hair on daily basis. I started my treatment at AIS Clinic for past 5 months. Now, my hair loss has minimised, dandruff and itching of the scalp has reduced considerably. My hair used to break which also has stopped since I started homeopathic treatment at AIS Clinic. Now I am feeling much positive and confidant about my hair.
Arun Kumar
“It’s been a tough couple of years ever since I got this psoriasis. The itching and redness has been very severe and dry skin flaky. This causes me plenty of embarrassment and I had stopped going out. I’m feeling much better today after treatment from Dr.Vishal. I’ve even been able to travel this May to Manali despite the cold.”
Santosh Lard

AIS clinics based in Goa and Hyderabad are one of the foremost medical practices in the treatment of various disorders. Our expertise and experience attracts people from all parts of the country. We are one of the best homeopaths in Goa and recognised holistic medical centre in Hyderabad. From respiratory diseases, to uterine problems, hair loss, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, to gastroenteritis, peptic ulcers and urinary diseases, we can manage, treat and prevent further complications using a combination of medicines, food interventions and exercises.

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