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Mrs. Zubeda (name changed),  a 44 years old female came to AIS clinic on 4/11/2013 with complaints of pain in right side of abdomen and irregular periods. The pain used to be very severe at times and she had to often rely on painkillers for relief. She was on allopathic medicines to regularise her periods and the ultrasonography (USG) which was performed on 20/5/2013 revealed complex ovarian cyst (Hemorrhagic?) measuring approx. 4.6 X 3.7 cms.


On detailed case study, we found that she suffered from severe leucorrhoea. She also complained of acidity, a fullness of abdomen and indigestion. Her lifestyle was sedentary and she was putting on weight. The on-going problems made her anxious and depressed. She lost interest in daily chores of life and kept brooding about her health all the time. On the basis of her symptoms and mental state, we prescribed her Graphites 200.


She started noticing remarkable changes in her symptoms. The leucorrhoea ceased completely and the pains were very minimal in just a month’s time. She stopped taking pain killers completely. Her anxiety reduced and she could perform all her daily chores.


We repeated ultrasonography on Jan 13th 2014. Her complex cyst had completely vanished with just two months of treatment. Her periods also regularised, and associated symptoms showed good improvement. She was very glad to see the USG report. Homeopathy treated her complex ovarian cyst in just two months and brought a ray of new hope in her life.



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