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Mrs Gladis (name changed), 40yrs, came to AIS clinic in 2012 with complaint of psoriasis. She suffered from psoriasis since 2010. She first noticed scaly patches on the scalp which later spread on her knees, elbows and legs. She started using prescribed topical applications. The initial use of ointments helped her to reduce the scaling of the patches but she started noticing new patches on other body areas. Later she developed pain in right wrist joint which restricted her day to day activities.



Gladis was very straight forward and bold lady. She would never tolerate someone dominating her. She would get angry and irritable at small things. She was very social and had many friends, she loved going out with friends and travelling. Psoriasis limited her socialising and other activities.


After carefully evaluating the case, Sepia 200 was prescribed. Initial two months of treatment did not show much progress but from third month on wards she started showing great improvement. Her scaling was very minimal and the patches had totally thinned out. There were no signs of new patches and by fifth month her joint pains completely subsided.


The treatment was continued for one year and there were no psoriasis patches and no joint pains.
It’s been more than six months since she has stopped the treatment and there is no relapse of psoriasis!



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