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The Problem

Subhash approached AIS Clinic for his treatment of bald patched on the scalp, moustache and beard area which he suffered from 1 year. Despite trying several treatments the hair didn’t regrow. He even tried taking steroid injections on the bald patches. He would get new hair after use of injections but within a month or two he would lose them again.


The Result

In just 5 months, I was able to cure his alopecia areata (Sudden hair loss in the form of circular bald patches which may overlap) naturally using Homeopathy remedy Nux Vomica.


Our Strategy

#1. Correct Diagnosis
I did video microscopic evaluation to examine his hair and scalp. I confirmed that problem Subhash suffered from was Alopecia areata.


#2. Detailed Evaluation
I did a thorough evaluation of his other symptoms and past history. I found that he would often get tired easily and had put extra kilos of weight in last seven to eight months. He suffered with problem of constipation and also had burning in his stomach after eating spicy food. Subhash suffered major stress problem due to his demanding job. He would get panic attacks and had become extremely irritable. Based on his detailed history he was given Homeopathy remedy Nux Vomica.


#3. Self Help
Subhash was advised to perform yoga daily for half an hour early morning. We taught him certain yoga practices which can benefit alopecia areata. He was advised to eat anti- inflammatory foods like fish oil and flax seeds and antioxidants such as green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. His was instructed to eat red meat in moderation until his problem was resolved.


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