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Built on the premise of the body as a whole, AIS manages and treats ailments holistically, allowing natural practices become your cure. Using a combination of safe and simple methodologies that effect internal relief as well as external cure, we believe that any disease or ailment needs to be cured from its root, requiring the patient and the doctor to come together to do what’s best to cure.

AIS Clinic is a speciality Homeopathy clinic for allergies, asthma, skin diseases, hair loss, children diseases, gastric and liver problems and ailments relating to neck, back and joints. With a range of specialties, the AIS Clinic is an ultra-modern facility with the best technologies used to diagnose and treat conditions.

Our treatment comprises of standardised protocols and a well crafted process which includes,

Natural Homeopathic Medicinal treatment modalities
Safe and standardised Diagnosis & Care
Multi-disciplinary Approach based on prognosis
Nutritional Intervention (as per underlying disease)
Yoga/Fitness supplementation for continual optimal health
Patient Education and Participation in Treatment

Our globally renowned medical software stores patient’s vital data securely for a lifetime. The advanced management system will track when your check-ups are due, will automatically create appointments, and send out SMS reminders so that you do not miss your appointment at the clinic. The system also set-up preventive Homeopathy healthcare plans for effective management of your ailment.

AIS Clinics treats an ailment not by itself, but as a part of the whole. Our carefully structured process is custom-designed according to the ailment, patient’s lifestyle and more ensuring that complete holistic health is delivered by combining standard medical practices, thorough evaluation, in-depth diagnosis and alternative and natural treatment. Our treatment methodology includes medicines, specific lifestyle modifications, nutritional advice, and different fitness assessments (wherever applicable).

Our treatment process also includes,


Used in the diagnosis of skin and hair diseases, this conclusive test exposes a wide range of problems that are not visible to the naked eye. Pigmentation problems like melasma, leucoderma, fungal infections of the scalp, head lice, scabies, acne, folliculitis, yeast infections can also be identified using woods lamp.

Helpful in the continuous monitoring of respiratory diseases, the peak flow measurement (maximum air flow in a strong exhalation) can conclusively point out towards asthma, chronic bronchitis and other serious pulmonary problems. The Digital Peak Flow Meter detects possible triggers of asthma including allergies and/or dust, helping in the early detection and treatment of such ailments. 

Inflammatory skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and white patches (vitiligo) need additional light exposure for their effective treatment. Narrow band ultraviolet B (UVB) involves exposure of the skin to an artificial UVB light source regularly to increase normal levels in the body, a treatment that is additionally undertaken.

Hair loss and the stimulation of hair growth after a certain age is inevitable. Laser phototherapy treatment however provides the impetus for new growth, energising and nourishing hair follicles by deeply stimulating the root at the cellular level. Having done it for many years now, over 80% of our patients have observed significant hair growth in combination with treatment.

Debilitating pain is a reality that many live with, and TENS provides significant pain relief especially in the treatmentof muscle, joint and bone problems including osteoarthiritis, fibromyalgia and general low back, neck and tendinitis pain.


Dr Vishal Verenkar

Dr Vishal Verenkar


With a Masters in Homeopathy, an experience spanning several decades and extensive expertise in treating some of the most chronic and serious allergy, asthma and skin problems with complete holistic medical care, Dr. Vishal Vernekar believes in the inherent ability of the body to heal itself and the healing power of natural medicines. Having graduated from the prestigious A.M.Shaikh Homeopathic Medical College, Belgaum, and securing his M.D. from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore. He worked across several Indian cities in various capacities and roles to understand the true cause of illnesses and what must be done to treat them from the root. With skin being his prime area of focus, he’s handled simple acne and eczema cases to complex psoriasis and leucoderma successfully with purely alternative and natural medicines.

Dr.Vishal believes that the one factor that separates his work from the others is patient education, a sound and smart scientific approach to diseases, finding out the root of the problem by various techniques and treating from the inside out. He is recognised as a prominent thought leader in the field of alternative natural medicine and homeopathy, and regularly shares his opinions, research papers and case studies in prominent Marathi, Konkani and Hindi health publications.

Dr Vipun Reddy

Dr Vipun Reddy

BHMS, MHM, Fellowship in Orthopedic Rehab

A renowned Homeopathic doctor and spine and joint specialist based in Hyderabad, Dr Vipun Reddy considers natural treatment to be very powerful and believes in tapping it to its full potential. Backed by an experience of more than a decade, his exposure to patients suffering from joint ailments has exposed him to revolutionary treatment of these problems without medical or surgical intervention.

Dr.Vipun shares in the thought that the body is capable of immense healing, and all that he does is provide the impetus with holistic, non-surgical yet long-term intervention for a better quality of life. He is a recipient of the Vaidya Ratna award and regularly shares his research and thoughts in scientific journals and other publications.

Dr Pradeep Patil

Dr Pradeep Patil


A veteran homeopathic doctor since many decades, a staunch believer in scientific treatment with holistic approach and a drive to alleviate patients of symptoms for a better life are factors that drive the Dr.Pradeep Patil in his treatment of all kinds of ailments. As a professor and PG Guide in Belagavi, his research backed experience has been honed over several decades of work especially in the treatment of gastrointestinal and liver disorders.

Dr.Pradeep Patil follows strict treatment protocols and goes through a detailed and systematic followup while treating any ailment holistically. His approach to treatment is unique, tailored to individuals and taking into consideration their diet and overall health. He has had quite a few podium presentations and delivered lectures in homeopathy symposiums across the world.

Mrs.Richa R.Shet Talauliker

Mrs.Richa R.Shet Talauliker

Clinical Dietician and Nutritionist

Mrs.Richa is a Masters in Food And Nutrition from Symbiosis and her expertise lies in nutritional coaching for adults and children. She also specialises in diets for people suffering from weight loss/gain, PCOD, thyroid and those recovering from open heart surgey and angioplasty. She has been a senior dietician with Manipal Hospitals. Besides AIS clinics, she is also currently associated with Correia Clinic in Margoa and Panjim, and the Nestle Healthy Kids Program.

Dr.Pradnya Verenkar

Dr.Pradnya Verenkar

Ayurvedic Physician, Yoga Expert

With an expertise in prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases and conditions of the neck, joint & back, Dr.Pradnya uses her considerable experience in making life better for her patients. She also achieves mind-body balance by incorporating yogasanas and meditation, to help them build better immunity. Her focus is on optimised functioning of the body and overall improvement in health.


Dr. Indrasen Reddy Kankanala

Dr. Indrasen Reddy Kankanala

DNB Internal Medicine

DNB Internal Medicine
Critical Care Specialist and Diabetologist

Dr. Shreekanth Reddy

Dr. Shreekanth Reddy


Dip Diab (NIMS)

Dr. Jalapathi Reddy Mandala

Dr. Jalapathi Reddy Mandala

MS Ortho, FIHRS, FIJR (Germany)

MS Ortho, FIHRS, FIJR (Germany)
Fellowship in Joint Replacement
Fellowship in Hip & Knee Arthroplasty
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Fellowship in Hip Resurfacing Surgery
Apollo, Chennai
Consultant Ortho & Joint Replacement Surgeon

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