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Whether you see more hair in the shower or that your ponytail is getting smaller or you can see the widening of your hair parting area. Determining the cause of the hair loss is the first step in treating it and preventing future hair loss.

Hair loss should be addressed at the first noticeable sign of a problem as it may be a sign of more serious medical condition.



Is it normal to lose hair on daily basis?

Yes, it is normal to lose 50-100 hair strands per day; however, in certain cases the hair loss is within normal limits but the body stops growing new hair leading to gradual stage of baldness.



Female pattern baldness

Also known as androgenic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss in women. This is seen as hair thinning predominantly over the top and sides of the head.



What are the causes of hair loss in a woman?

Hormonal changes: This is believed to be a very important cause in most cases of female pattern baldness. Hormonal changes in a woman occur at the onset of menstrual periods (Menarche), Delivery (child birth), after cessation of menstrual periods (Menopause).

a)   Thyroid disorders

b)   Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD): The hair starts thinning all over the head even if there is no visible loss of hair due to hormonal imbalance.


  1. Nutritional deficiency: Most common type seen in India is Iron deficiency anaemia.
  2. Crash dieting
  3. Oral contraceptives
  4. Stress
  5. Diseases of the scalp


The damage to hair being done due to sensitivity to the male sex hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone).DHT cause the hair follicles to shrink progressively and reduces the growth phase of the hair; thus making hair thinner which ultimately fall off. Studies have also suggested that inadequate capillary circulation and lack of nutritive flow causes thinning of hair.



Hard facts while managing your hair which will save you a lot of time and effort.

Shampoos only have cleansing properties– shampoos will never get to the root of your hair to improve the hair texture and make it less frizzy.

Conditioners – used only for conditioning– Conditioner helps in softening, detangling and easy combing of hair. But if you have a greasy scalp or hair loss problems, using a conditioner will worsen the situation.

Oiling no magic cure– Despite oiling it since childhood you still lose hair; as oily conditions and moisturizes your hair. It does not prevent hair loss, does not make it grow thicker and does not reach the hair roots.



What should I do if I am losing my hair?

  • Firstly, it is very important to evaluate reasons of your hair loss from a qualified doctor.
  • The AIS clinic offers optimum hair treatment by combining Homeopathy, expert hair management, customized remedies accompanied by individualized nutrition plans.
  • Video microscopic analysis is performed to detect early signs of hair thinning and for measuring hair thickness. Ultraviolet light test is performed to check for the diseases of scalp like dandruff, scalp eczema, scalp psoriasis etc.
  • The chosen Homeopathic medicine aims at reducing the harmful effects of male hormone on hair follicles thus controlling the hair thinning. The hair breakage reduces and hair texture also starts improving.


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