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Tinea Corporis


What is Tinea Corporis?

Ringworm or tinea corporis is a fungal infection of the skin and it affects the whole body.

The most important characteristic of tinea is that the rash is in the form of a reddish ring which has a middle clear zone. The ring is made up of small blisters or scales and it spreads outwards as it grows.

Ringworm is mostly seen in children but it can also affect adults.



Symptoms of Tinea Corporis

Tinea usually develops as a reddish scaly area on the skin which may or may not itch.  This patch then grows outwards as it becomes big and it gets the typical shape of a ring with slightly irregular borders. The ring is formed of many small blisters or scales with the middle clear or slightly scaly area.

Tinea may affect either one or multiple areas of the body and the lesions may overlap when they are multiple.



Causes of Tinea Corporis

Tinea is a fungal infection that is caused by a fungus which lives on the outer layer of the skin. It can spread in various ways like:

  • Skin-to-skin contact with an infected person
  • It can spread to humans from animals like dogs, cats or cows which are infected and come in contact with men.
  • Contact with infected objects which are already used by an infected person or touched gently by an infected animal.
  • A prolonged contact with infected soil can also lead to ringworm.



Diagnosis of Tinea Corporis

The diagnosis is usually made just by looking at the lesions. If the lesions are not clear cut, the skin scrapings are taken from the affected area and watched under a microscope which reveals the fungus causing it.



Homeopathic Management


  • intense itching and burning in eruptions
  • Itching  night  cold
  • Ringworm on limbs, scalp, trunk and face when accompanied by intense itching and burning.
  • Ringworm that has been suppressed with local medications.


Arsenic Album

  • Ringworm of scalp
  • Bald spots on the scalp with intolerable itching.
  • Itching and burning sensation
  •  night  warmth
  • Acute Anxiety, Restlessness
  • Fastidiousness
  • Thirst: Sip by sip



  • Ringworm infection in isolated spots common location is the bends of knee and elbow
  • itching and scratching, but not better by scratching.
  • increased sweating with or without a bad smell
  • recurrence of Ringworm infection in every spring season
  • Oversensitivity to Cold Air
  • irritability and indifferent behaviour towards family, friends and life.



  • Ringworm eruptions cover a large part of body
  • Ringworm lesions join one another and eventually cover a large area of skin
  • intersecting ring lesions present
  • Ringworm infection, the eruptions may appear on the whole body, on the face, or on limbs.
  • excessive itching and stinging sensation
  • itching remains present throughout day and night
  • Offensive smell of eruptions.




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