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The causes behind women’s Hair Loss problems

The causes behind women’s Hair Loss problems

For women, hair loss is one of the most emotionally challenging problems.
To make things worse, many go for unproven solutions and half-baked treatments that can severely
damage the hair.

Hair loss is a medical problem and there are many reasons behind it, each requiring a different

Some types of hair thinning , such as those occurring after pregnancy and child birth , or ones caused
due to extreme stress , and are usually temporary and the growth gets back to normal after a few

Hair loss in women is also often caused due to low iron levels, thyroid disorders, crash dieting and
polycystic ovarian syndrome.

One of the definitive treatments for hair and scalp problems with no side effects in homeopathy.
This treatment method is quick, inexpensive and comfortable.
It not only tackles the underlying cause behind the hair loss, but also revives the hair follicles and
triggers new hair growth naturally.

Many hair loss conditions can be treated and prevented if you opt for timely and correct treatment.
At AIS clinic, consultation is elaborate procedure to understand the patient as a whole. Besides a
detailed look into the history of the patients hair loss problem.
We also perform physical examinations to reach the diagnosis.

A painless non-invasive, high resolution imaging software is used to understand the extent of damage to
the hair, as well as the scalp problems that are not visible to the naked eye. we select homeopathic
remedies which are well proven and also help patients chart out a diet paln specially designed to
supplement and enhance recovery standard treatment protocols guarantee fast results.

Dr. Vishal verenkar(MD) is a leading authority in the field of applied homeopathy with over 12 years of experience.

His areas of expertise include allergy, chronic disease and skin health.

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