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Fungal Infection of the skin (Ringworm)

What it is Ringworm?

Fungal Infection of the skin (Ringworm). Fungal infection of the skin is the most common skin ailment. There appears red circular rash on the skin surface. The rash shows central clearing.

It may or may not itch. Depending on the part of the body involved, it is given a specific name.

Involvement of the body (trunk) – Tinea corporis Involvement of the feet- Tinea Pedis Involvement of head- Tinea capitis Involvement of groin- Tinea cruris Involvement of beard- Tinea barbae Involvement of nail- Tinea Unguium Involvement of hand- Tinea manuum Tinea versicolor- common yeast infection of the trunk

What are the symptoms of Ringworm?

Ringworm – there appears circular red patches with central clearing. The patches are often scaly. The inside of the circular ring may have small red raised eruptions or scales. Some patients may experience itching of the affected site.

What are the causes of fungal infection?

Ringworm is a contagious skin problem and spreads by direct skin to skin contact with the infected person. The patient can also contract the infection from animal with ringworm and infected soil.

Homeopathic treatment for Ringworm

The conventional treatment for ringworm includes the use of topical anti-fungal lotions. The fungal infection clears in few weeks after use of anti-fungal lotions but recurrence of infection is inevitable. Homeopathic oral medicines correct the deviated immune process which reduces the chances of reinfection. The affected skin clears in couple of months.


  • Always keep the affected area dry and clean
  • Dry your skin after bath, dry between the toes and in the skin folds
  • Do not share towels, bed sheets and clothing
  • Avoid walking bare foot on the ground
  • Keep your flooring clean

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