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Alopecia Areata (Hair Loss in Patches)

What is Alopecia Areata?

When hair falls out in round patches it is termed as alopecia areata (AA). It is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks the hair roots and causes hair loss. When the hair falls out from the scalp totally, it is called as alopecia totalis and complete loss of hair on the head and body is known as alopecia universalis.

What causes Alopecia Areata?

The exact reason for alopecia areata is not clearly understood. Genetics, Thyroid disorders, stress, anaemia may be implicated in developing alopecia areata. People with alopecia areata may also have other autoimmune diseases like thyroid disease and vitiligo.

May have relatives diagnosed with asthma, diabetes or allergic rhinitis. Patients may have higher risk for eczema, asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Homeopathic treatment for alopecia areata

Patchy hair loss can be completely reversed with Homeopathic treatment in most cases. Treatment allows the hair to grow back naturally in the bald patch. Sometimes the hair grows white in colour which slowly returns to original hair colour.

The outcome of treatment varies from person to person. It becomes difficult to predict the outcome of treatment in some cases. In some rare cases the grown hair may also fall out again in some patients. In such cases, one needs to restart taking the medicines which will help in regrowth of lost hair.

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