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What are Cockroach Allergies?

Cockroaches are the most unpleasant pests moving around in the houses. They are not just ugly but can be a triggering factor for asthma or conditions like allergic rhinitis.

The saliva, waste products or shed parts of the cockroach’s body make the surroundings infected and these can trigger asthma or allergies in people who are allergic.

Cockroach allergies are commonly seen in people who mostly live in cities or highly urbanized areas.

Symptoms of Cockroach Allergies

  • Cough
  • Ear infection
  • Sinus infection
  • Congestion or blockage of the nose
  • Wheezing
  • Skin rash
  • Breathlessness
  • Wheezing
  • Tightness of the chest
  • Itching of the eyes and nose

In some cases, when the person is continuously exposed to the allergens, the symptoms may last for a long time and can become severe as the time passes.

Self help

  • Keep the house clean.
  • Regular cleaning of floors, sinks, toilets, kitchen, stoves, etc.
  • The dustbins in the house should be kept sealed.
  • Check for any leakage from any pipes which can give access for water to the cockroaches.
  • Sealing of all the food jars and plastic containers so that it doesn’t become a feeding material for cockroaches.
  • Do not keep old newspapers or boxes piled up in the house where the cockroaches can hide.

Homoeopathic Management of Cockroach Allergies

Homoeopathy medicines will be able to cure the signs and symptoms experienced by the patient. The pain, inflammation, and irritation will be reduced.

Allium Cepa

  • acrid nasal discharge and laryngeal symptoms, eye secretion bland;
  • < warm room, evening;
  • > in open air
  • colds in damp cold weather
  • A hacking cough on inspiring cold air.
  • Tickling in the larynx. Sensation as if larynx is split or torn.
  • Oppressed breathing from pressure in the middle of the chest.
  • The constricted feeling in the region of the epiglottis. Pain extending to ear.


  • A dry cough in evening and at night; must sit up in bed to get relief; and loose cough in the morning, with copious mucous expectoration
  • < heat, rich fat food, after eating, towards evening, warm room, lying on left or on the painless side when allowing feet to hang down.
  • >, open air, motion, cold applications, cold food and drinks, Thirstless
  • Coryza; stoppage of right nostril, pressing pain at root of nose.
  • Loss of smell. Stoppage in evening.
  • Yellow mucus; abundant in a morning. Bad smells, as of old catarrh. Nasal bones sore.

Arsenic album

  • Thin, watery, excoriating discharge
  • Sneezing without relief
  • worse in the open air; better indoors.
  • Burning and bleeding
  • Air-passages constricted. Asthma worse midnight.
  • Burning in the chest. Suffocative catarrh.
  • A cough worse after midnight; worse lying on back.
  • Expectoration scanty, frothy.
  • < night > warmth
  • Thirst: Sip by sip
  • Chilly Patient
  • Mid Day Mid night aggravation


  • Itching at point of nose. Dry, hard crusts form, bleeding when loosened.
  • Nasal bones sensitive. Sneezing in morning. Obstructed and loss of smell.
  • Pricking as of a pin in the tonsil. Parotid glands swollen.
  • Stinging pain on swallowing.
  • A cough with expectoration in a day, bloody or purulent. A violent cough when lying down, with thick, yellow lumpy expectoration
  • Worse, new moon, in morning, from washing, during menses, uncovering, lying down, damp, lying on, left the side, cold.
  • Better, warmth, wrapping up head, summer; in wet or humid weather.

Euphrasia Officinalis

  • itchy eyes with discharge
  • The discharge is acrid, burning in nature. The eyes remain watery all day long.
  • The person complains of the presence of sand-like grains in the eyes
  • Euphrasia efficiently treats hay fever with itchy watery eyes and watery nasal discharge as well.


  • itchy eyes that hurt
  • itching is accompanied by pain in eyes
  • The pain may be throbbing or shooting in nature.
  • Redness in conjunctiva and swelling of eyes may attend.
  • Photophobia

 Aconitum Napellus

  • itchy eyes that are dry
  • Gritty sand-like sensation in eyes may persist
  • Shooting pain in the eyeballs.
  • The eyes may be red and inflamed. Aversion to light may attend.

Apis mellifica

  • This remedy relieves swollen eyelids with itching, relieved by cold compresses.
  • Thirstless
  • Hot Patient, Irritable
  • Burning and Stinging Pain
  • < warmth, covering

Argentum nitricum

  • Swelling with yellowish or pus-like discharge
  • redness and inflammation of the whites and inner corners of the eyes
  • worse from light and warmth
  • better from cool water, cold compresses, and fresh air
  • Strong desire for both salt and sweets.