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Psoriasis flare-up? A special Recipe

When you have a flare never give up. It’s the best time to put all the tips and techniques to test. The first thing you can do is to talk to your doctor. Don’t just show him your skin; tell them exactly how it makes you feel when your body is covered with plaques. Talking your problem and getting recommendations is possibly the best formula to gain an effective control.


Check out what my patients do when they have a flare of symptoms! And it works for them.

They have a bath every night with lukewarm water and then cover the skin with a moisturizer. They ensure that the skin is kept moisturized each time it begins to dry. Patients know without a doubt that certain foods like red meat trigger psoriasis flares, and stay away. Include a lot of Omega 3 in their diet like Fish oil and flax seeds which are a natural anti-inflammatory. Cotton clothing is most preferred. Sometimes they wear cotton socks and gloves to stop themselves from itching which makes the skin bleed; they just try to stop it from becoming a cycle. Last but not the least they learn to unwind by the end of the day!

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