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The research has found that genes make a substantial contribution in protecting human body from day to day illnesses as the unique ability of repair lies within the genes.


The study of human genetics can be useful in understanding the diseases and devising of effective disease treatments. It is possible, in today’s emerging medicine by genetic testing, such as through the use of DNA arrays or full genome sequencing for the prediction of disease years to decades before any disease even exists. This can help in instituting preventive measures in order to either prevent the disease or eradicate it.


Similarly after studying the expressions of the genes and human behavior a variant of possible disease pathology can be predicted much in advance before the individual manifests the symptoms of that particular disease pathology.



People who are oversensitive, anxious, getting irritated easily are programmed to show inflammatory response like allergic rhinitis, skin eczema etc similarly some having different fears in them, grief from past offenses are programmed to show constructive pathologies like skin warts, increase in blood pressure etc. Individuals who shun their loved ones, gets violent anger are programmed to show destructive changes in body like skin psoriasis, ulcers and so on. Thus by using these latest techniques we can certainly restore health even for diseases we are programmed to suffer in the future by selecting a correct Homeopathic remedy which would stimulate the body to repair itself.


In many diseases, having the faulty gene still does not necessarily mean someone will get the disease but also dependent on environmental factors. Genetics and environmental factors (eg. stress, physical, chemical) are involved in development of a particular trait. Example: A person may have a genetic variant that is known increase his risk of developing COPD from smoking –an environmental factor. If that person never smokes COPD will not develop. Thus this detailed study will help us to design strategies to combat future illnesses, by making adaptation at the cell level by administration of correct Homeopathic medicine and also by making specific environmental changes.



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