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The Times of India Delhi Date: Dec 16, 2010; Section: Front Page; 1

MUMBAI: Six months after the British Medical Association rubbished homeopathy as witchcraft with no scientific basis, IIT scientists have said the sweet white pills work on the principle of nanotechnology.


Homeopathic pills containing naturally occurring metals such as gold, copper and iron retain their potency even when diluted to a nanometer or one-billionth of a meter, states the IIT-Bombay research published in the latest issue of ‘Homeopathy’, a peer-reviewed journal from reputed medical publishing firm Elsevier.


IIT-B’s chemical engineering department bought homeopathic pills from neighbourhood shops, prepared highly diluted solutions and checked these under powerful electron microscopes to find nanoparticles of the original metal.


Certain highly diluted homeopathic remedies made from metals still contain measurable amounts of the starting material, even at extreme dilutions of 1 part in 10 raised to 400 parts (200C),” said Dr Jayesh Bellare from the scientific team.


His student, Prashant Chikramane, presented the homeopathy paper titled, ‘Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspective’, as part of his doctoral thesis.


Homeopathy has been a conundrum for modern medicine. Its practitioners maintained that homeopathic pills got more potent on dilution, but they could never explain the mechanism scientifically enough for the modern scientists,” said Bellare.



Year 2011.Vikram’s latest psoriasis outbreak and the routine was typical. Vikram is 41 and he has been replaying this scene since his first psoriasis outbreak when he was 22, the time when dry, scaly rash first appeared on his back, legs and scalp. None of the different conventional doses of medicines killed his agonizing pain in joints and his scaly skin never freed him until it was Homeopathy that came to his rescue. A few doses eased Vikram’s pain, reduced the swelling of his joints and minimized the scaling of skin considerably. There was finally a hope!


Psoriasis is a chronic (long-lasting) immune-mediated disease of the skin and joints. It occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells making the skin to appear as raised red patches covered with a silvery white build-up of dead skin cells. There is often itching, discomfort and pain associated with Psoriasis.


The condition is often hereditary and external stressors like cold weather, sun burns, stress, infection, injury, certain drugs, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol may serve as triggers for the inherited defect in the immune system.


It can occur on any part of the body and may also be associated with other serious health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and depression. The common complications of the disease include psoriatic arthritis (affection of the joints) and nail deformities.


Self-management plays a major role in controlling this condition. Bathing daily helps remove the scales and calm the inflamed skin. Use of lukewarm water and soaps that have added oils are recommended. Olive oil or moisturizers applied immediately after bath seals the moisture in the skin. Also, a controlled amount of sun exposure can significantly improve the psoriasis condition; however, afternoon sunlight between 11am to 4 pm should be avoided. Omega-3 fatty acids in diet act as natural anti-inflammatory substances and help large number of patients to control Psoriasis.


Homeopathy confidently gives an excellent chance of recovery without any adverse effects in Psoriasis. The complications of this devastating disease are also minimized with Homeopathy. Long-lasting results can only be achieved by individualized Homeopathic treatments. The chances of recurrence are also very negligible. The medicine chosen corrects the deviated immune response at the cell level thereby reducing the inflammation and dead skin cell formation and resulting in normal skin growth.


Clinical research studies done in Germany and UK testify that 80-96% of patients on Homeopathy show definite improvements with absolutely no side effects.


Dr.Vishal Verenkar, M.D (HOM)

“The author has more than 10 years of consulting experience in treating various chronic skin & allergic conditions across geographies.”

He can be contacted on 0832-2724220 or +918806728287



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