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Skin Treatments


Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It protects us from harmful bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. Skin is called dis-eased when there is a change in its appearance and show symptoms like pain, itching etc. The signs and symptoms of the skin diseases vary and depend on various factors and its causes.

Skin is the first organ to signal the internal disharmony in human system. Be it a hormonal disturbance, metabolic problem, or a problem at the emotional plane it reflects on the skin in many ways. Scientific studies have linked an association between emotional disturbance, stress, depression and anxiety to an increased hair, skin and nail problems.

AIS Clinic adopts radical methods and treatments for treating both acute and chronic skin diseases like Acne (pimples), Eczemas (dermatitis) , Lichen Planus, Vitiligo (White patches) and many more.

Skin treatment at AIS Clinic

Firstly an accurate diagnosis is made by using latest technologies like dermoscopes, woods lamp etc. After carefully evaluating different aspects of disease and its triggering factors an appropriate treatment plan is formulated. Standard international protocols are used which guarantees fast and real time results.

Homeopathic treatment selected is unique to the patient and no two patients with similar skin diseases get the same medicine. Homeopathic medicine corrects the root cause of the skin disease and hence offers, long lasting results.

Treatment is individualised to suit every patient. Advanced homeopathic therapies are used in conjunction with appropriate physical treatments and clinic procedures to do maximum good to the skin patient.

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