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Get Rid of allergies in just 30 days

Suffering from chronic allergies? Not sure how to get rid of them ? Here’s how ! you can win over your allergies in just 30 days

Tip # 1 – Stay aloof

Make sure you stay away from everything  you are allergic to for the next 30 days.

Tip # 2-  Eliminate dairy

Eliminate cold dairy products and also use hot dairy products in moderation

Tip #3- Avoid raw food

Eat warm and cooked food. Avoid any form of uncooked or raw food.

Tip # 4 – Exercise

Regular practice of pranayama (  yogic breathing exercise )brings harmony between body,mind, and spirit. Improves life forces by a up-lifting immune system and defends allergens.

Tip # 5- Practice above 4 tips diligently

When you practice above 4 tips diligently your immune system will get a new- high in  3o days. Your increased sensitivity will normalise ; thus reducing & eliminating your allergy symptoms.




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