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Remedies for viral infections this monsoon

The rains have arrived and it’s fun to be in the rains! But sometimes the rain can catch you off guard too. Monsoon is the season when viral infections are commonly seen. The viral infections increase due to damp and humid weather and change in weather makes for the perfect environment for viruses to grow.

Virus attacks us easily when our immune system is low. The low immune system can be due to sedentary life habits, faulty eating habits, overcrowding or stress. Viral infections produce flu-like symptoms like fever, running nose, cough, body ache and throat pain.

The symptoms usually last for about five to seven days. In some cases, the cough can prolong for more than 2 weeks. Severe cases of a cough with congestion can develop symptoms like wheezing and shortness of breath. This is usually noticed in people having allergic tendencies.

Water-borne diseases are also common in this season and can cause gastroenteritis and viral hepatitis like disorders.
So, what we should do to avoid viral infections?

– Viruses are transmitted to the mouth by touching infected surfaces. Frequently wash your hands. Use soap and water or alcohol-based hand gels.
– Use separate hand towels.
– Keep a safe distance from anyone who has a viral fever or common cold.
– Drink boiled and purified water
– Avoid eating out and one must consume fresh food
– Avoid getting wet in the rain

Self- Help for viral infections

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do steam inhalation for nose congestion or sinus pain
  • Salt water gargle is effective for a sore throat

Easy home remedies for viral infections

Flax seed & Holy Basil (Tulsi) to treat cough & congestion

Flax seeds have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can cure lung congestion naturally by loosening the thick mucus. Tulsi is well-known traditional home remedy which alleviates cough & cold.

Step: Boil one table spoon of flax seeds and 10 basil leaves to 2 cups of water until it thickens; then sieve it and remove the flax seeds & tulsi leaves. Add a tea spoon of honey and drink twice daily.

Homeopathy treatment for viral infections

Homeopathy medicines improve the immune system and helps in alleviating the symptoms of viral infection. Homeopathy can be offered as a safe and effective alternative to help patients recover more quickly from viral infections.

– Dr.Vishal Verenkar (MD)

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Get Healthy Get your hair back

For women, healthy looking hair is a symbol of beauty.Whether you are young or old, finding clumps of hair in a single brush stroke and thinning of your locks can be traumatic.

Female hair loss is less culturally acceptable, which only adds to the stigma for those experiencing it. In many cases, it affects a woman’s self- confidence and influences her whole quality of life.

But, are these hair issues related only to cosmetic appearance? Or, are there deeper reasons attributed to hair fall? Determining the cause of hair loss at the first noticeable sign can help in diagnosing many serious medical conditions. The health of hair and scalp are indicators to what is happening deep inside our mind and body.

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Psoriasis flare-up? A special Recipe

When you have a flare never give up. It’s the best time to put all the tips and techniques to test. The first thing you can do is to talk to your doctor. Don’t just show him your skin; tell them exactly how it makes you feel when your body is covered with plaques. Talking your problem and getting recommendations is possibly the best formula to gain an effective control.

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New Year ! A great time to kick start, do something new , set goals & be happy about it.You are surely going to achieve something that you always wanted , you dreamed of … Yes its time to make a resolution and stick to it. Everyone has the ability to make meaningful changes in life.So get ahead and do what you resolved to create ! Happy New year !! Cheers!drvishalverenker

Allergy !!

Once a substance causes allergies, it usually continues to affect the person over the long term !

An allergen is something that triggers an allergy. When a person with allergic rhinitis breathes in an allergen such as pollen or dust, the body releases chemicals, including histamine. This causes allergy symptoms like itchy nose, skin and eyes, tearing eyes, sneezing, problems with smell, stuffy nose, cough etc.

Allergies can occur seasonally and are caused due to outdoor allergens. Or can occur year-round (Perennial allergic rhinitis) are caused by indoor allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, cockroaches, house plants and mold.

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