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Alopecia areata completely recovered in just 3 months

Miss. Rosy (name changed), 12years old had come to AIS clinic on 15th May 2014. She was suffering from Alopecia Areata since past one year. She had extensive patch on the back of her scalp. She had tried with several treatments but there was no hair growth. She also complained of dandruff and itching of her scalp.

On examining the case in detail, we found that she was reserved and anxious. She had limited number of friends and she did not mingle easily with new people. The current condition made her and her parents worried. She would keep herself aloof from every one. She avoided going to school. She had developed a fear of rejection. The bald patches made her life miserable.

She was prescribed Pulsatilla 200 in May 2014 and after just a month; she started developing new hair growth. With almost three months of treatment she improved by about 80% She was very happy with her progress. There was a new ray of hope! She is confident that she will get all her lost hair back.

She is still continuing medication for complete recovery.

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