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IIT-B team shows how homeopathy works

The Times of India Delhi Date: Dec 16, 2010; Section: Front Page; 1

MUMBAI: Six months after the British Medical Association rubbished homeopathy as witchcraft with no scientific basis, IIT scientists have said the sweet white pills work on the principle of nanotechnology.

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Women hair loss

Whether you see more hair in the shower or that your ponytail is getting smaller or you can see the widening of your hair parting area. Determining the cause of the hair loss is the first step in treating it and preventing future hair loss.

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ASTHMA-Be Aware Be Prepared

World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates 300 million people suffer from Asthma. Asthma creates a substantial burden on individuals and families as it is more often under-diagnosed and under-treated. Sadly, asthma symptoms can often mean that people miss out on school or work and other activities they enjoy. 

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