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6 effective ways to manage your stress when you have psoriasis

Stress on its own does not cause psoriasis. Stress and anxiety can trigger a psoriasis flare-up.  A stressed person may respond less promptly and favourably to several treatments. Therefore, treatments other than medication such as stress management are extremely vital to minimize flare-ups.

Having psoriasis is stressful in itself. The self-consciousness and worries of the people about the physical appearance can raise their emotional stress, which eventually causes psoriasis to increase.

If your psoriasis worsens when you are stressed do the following:

  • Identify your stress triggers. Stress triggers are not universal and usually vary from person to person.
  • Once you identify the trigger chalk out a proper action plan to cope-up with the triggers.
  • Focus on improving your interpersonal relations and spend more time with your friends and family.
  • Dialectical behaviour therapy ( to impart behavioural skills to handle stress and regulate feelings)
  • Avoid alcohol and nicotine use
  • Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can help cope up with stress.
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6 DON’Ts when you have Psoriasis

Be Gentle.

Handle skin eruptions gently. Avoid scrubbing and rubbing of eruptions. This will only irritate your skin and make psoriasis worse. Do not to pick at scales, this can cause bleeding and increase your risk of infection.

Avoid Stress

Avoid stress triggers. Stress can increase your psoriasis and even make it worse.

Avoid afternoon Sunlight

Afternoon sun exposure can trigger psoriasis and make it worse. Avoid sun exposure from 11 am to 4 pm.

Avoid Alcohol and Nicotine use

Smoking and alcohol can increase psoriasis eruptions.

Avoid red meat

Avoid red meats as it can increase skin inflammation and flare psoriasis.

Take note of flare-ups.

If the psoriasis returns after a period of being under control, schedule a visit with your doctor to find out why, and to decide what can be done to treat it.

Even if you observe new lesions and change in the size of lesions, inform your doctor.

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Treat Constipation with Homoeopathy

Treat Constipation with Homoeopathy

Constipation is a condition characterized by difficult or infrequent bowel movements and hard, dry stool.

Many factors contribute to the development of constipation like Insufficient fiber intake in diet., eating hurriedly, Reduced water intake.

Iron supplements, antidepressants, stopping cigarette smoking, abuse of laxatives, underactive thyroid, pregnancy, old-age or traveling, depression and anxiety neurosis, Abdominal surgeries.

It is said that you are suffering from constipation if you have Hard stools, difficult to pass which require straining or manual removal, Stools infrequent, less than three times a week, Sensation of incomplete voidance, The abdomen may seem bloated, distended or crampy, The bowel sounds may seem enhanced.

Homeopathy is strongly recommended for all cases of constipation.

Homeopathic treatment for constipation is based on the treatment of internal causes leading to the development of constipation. 

There is no drug dependencies in Homoeopathy and no side effects. Homoeopathy medicines will help to control the symptoms, improve the gastric complaints, and normal functioning of bowels. The overall health of the patient will get improved.

Along with medicines, you need to make certain Lifestyle modifications like Eating more fruits, vegetables, and grains, which are high in fiber, Drinking plenty of water and other liquids, Getting enough exercise. Cut down on soft drinks and alcohol.

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ASTHMA, It’s time to say Good Bye!

334 million people have asthma and the count is rising!

It’s shocking, isn’t it?

What’s even more shocking is that asthma is more common in children. Many children can develop symptoms of asthma even before they reach 5.

How vital it would be to diagnose correctly and timely!

A lot of health conditions can mimic asthma-like symptoms. Timely treatments can aid breathing difficulty and reduce other problems caused due to asthma.

So, if you see your child having asthma-like symptoms consult a doctor immediately.

Every mother wishes to have a healthy child. One mother expressed her feelings as:

“I have to keep him away from everything. I have to be careful he doesn’t catch a cold and that he doesn’t play with water too much. I have to care twice as much for my child than mothers who don’t have such children”

Almost all mothers get worried about their child’s uncertain future and thought that asthma could affect their educational, professional, and marital status in the future.

Many parents ask me, will my child be free from asthma symptoms? Will he get completely cured?

The answer is of course yes!

Asthma can be effectively controlled if the patient complies with the treatment, takes his medicines on time and follow the schedule advised to him.

It is a fact that rate of treatment compliance remains low among asthma patients and the ones who comply with treatment have fewer asthma attacks and greater treatment outcomes.

So, in order to free your child from this problem all you need is an active participant in his treatment. Encourage him to take medicines on time and boost his morale that he will be perfectly fine.

  • Asthma can really play havoc on minds of these kids, robs their health, holds them back from playing with other kids & their attendance usually gets affected at school.
  • There are a number of preventive measures to avoid asthma flare-ups. The most important step is to take asthma medicines regularly.
  • Secondly, learn to recognize the triggers and take steps to avoid them. 

  • Maintain a healthy body weight. Being overweight can worsen asthma symptoms.
  • Certain yoga asanas can also help to build a better resistance power and improve the lung function capacity. Keeping body active is the key to asthma management.
  • The patient needs to avoid junk and processed food. Fresh green leafy vegetables must be included in each meal.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are a great choice to reduce the airway inflammation. Flax seeds and oily fish are a good source of omega 3 and should be consumed regularly.

I will definitely recommend you to start homeopathy treatment for your child.Several clinical studies have verified the usefulness of Homeopathy medicines for long-term control of asthma.

Homeopathy medications keep asthma under control on a day-to-day basis and make it less likely you’ll have an asthma attack. It also reduces the need for quick relief medicines like steroid and bronchodilators.

“I have seen a great benefit for ASTHMA patients using homeopathy medicines at AIS CLINIC.  Our protocols are well designed to control the asthma attacks. More than 85% patients find overall improvement in just about 3-4 months.”

Our patients definitely enjoy a good quality of life once they use homeopathy medicines for asthma & i am confident your child will, too!

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Treat IRRITABLE BOWEL effectively with Homeopathy

Do you suffer from abdominal pain or cramping, a bloated feeling in abdomen or gas? Is your bowel activity altered? You may be suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

IBS is a common disorder that affects the large intestine (colon). It is the most common functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorder worldwide.

It’s not known exactly what causes IBS, but a variety of factors plays a role. The muscles of your intestinal tract contract with greater intensity and for a longer time causing gas, bloating and diarrhea. Or the opposite may occur, with weak intestinal contractions slowing food passage and leading to hard, dry stools.

Certain food such as chocolates, oily and spicy food, regular intake of alcohol and stress may trigger IBS.

A detailed history, physical examination, and limited diagnostic tests can confirm if you have IBS. Your symptoms can be effectively managed using homeopathy medicines and a diet plan which will tell you what to eat and what not to.  A recent clinical study found that 62% IBS patients who took homeopathy saw positive results, as opposed to only 25% patients benefitting from other treatments.

The following changes in your diet and lifestyle can provide relief from IBS.

  • Avoid intake of chocolates, alcohol, sodas, coffee, and dairy products. 
  • If gas is a problem for you avoid beans, cabbage, and cauliflower. 
  • Fatty foods also may be a problem for some people. Try to eat about the same time each day.


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