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There is no definitive explanation for the growing number of asthma patients, but there are few tips to keep your asthma under control. This chronic disease is tricky and can get worse or better at times. So, understanding the disease and taking some precautionary measures is extremely important. Here we will discuss 9 self-managing ways to control asthma.


1. Health and Well-being

Staying healthy, physically and mentally, is an effective way to fight asthma. If you stay positive and maintain your physical health by exercising daily, you can keep asthma attacks at bay. People suffering from asthma should be supported to take care of their health and medication. In case of children, parents should teach them how to take care of the medication, so that they will be able to manage themselves, when they are in school or away from home.


2. Medication

Understand your Homeopathy medicine and continue it unless your doctor asks you to stop. In many cases, people stop taking medication when they feel better. You can consult your doctor if you need to know more about your medicines. In case of young patients, you can explain and teach them about their regular medicines.


3. Exercise

Asthma patients generally don’t exercise as they feel it will trigger the symptoms. On the contrary, correct exercise can improve your lung capacity and stamina. You can consult your doctors and ask them to help you with simple exercises according to your condition.


4. Sound Sleep

As all asthma patients know, the symptoms get worse at night and lead to poor sleep. Kids having asthma can sometimes wake up at night coughing, resulting into lack of sleep. This can cause poor concentration and affect kids’ behaviour and learning abilities. To reduce coughing at night, follow the effective treatment prescribed by doctors.


5. Allergies

Although most of the asthma patients can eat normal healthy food, some patients have food-based allergies. You can talk to your doctors about allergies and know about the food you need to avoid. You can make a simple list of such products and food and keep it handy.


6. Quit Smoking

As we all know, smoking is one of the asthma triggers. If you are a regular smoker, you should immediately plan on quitting, as smoking can increase the frequency of asthma symptoms and make it more critical. You can join programs that help smokers stop smoking or read online articles about the same.


7. Don’t Stress

Stress or anxiety is a common trigger of asthma symptoms. Indulge in your favourite hobby when you are anxious or stressed. Learn how to handle and manage stress, so that it doesn’t increase your asthma symptoms.


8. Regular Checkups

It is important for asthma patients to stay in contact with your doctors. You need to check you condition regularly to ensure the current treatment is in accordance with your condition. In these periodical meetings, you can discuss your medicines, allergies or other concerns with your doctor. This will help you understand and manage your asthma effectively.


Living through asthma is challenging but not impossible. Our tips will surely help you lead a healthy and stress-free life.


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