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6 DON’Ts when you have Psoriasis

Be Gentle.

Handle skin eruptions gently. Avoid scrubbing and rubbing of eruptions. This will only irritate your skin and make psoriasis worse. Do not to pick at scales, this can cause bleeding and increase your risk of infection.

Avoid Stress

Avoid stress triggers. Stress can increase your psoriasis and even make it worse.

Avoid afternoon Sunlight

Afternoon sun exposure can trigger psoriasis and make it worse. Avoid sun exposure from 11 am to 4 pm.

Avoid Alcohol and Nicotine use

Smoking and alcohol can increase psoriasis eruptions.

Avoid red meat

Avoid red meats as it can increase skin inflammation and flare psoriasis.

Take note of flare-ups.

If the psoriasis returns after a period of being under control, schedule a visit with your doctor to find out why, and to decide what can be done to treat it.

Even if you observe new lesions and change in the size of lesions, inform your doctor.

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